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    Batyrbekov Chingiz

    The idea of making Kyrgyzstan known to the world as one of the very beautiful but yet undiscovered and uncrowded places to travel motivated me and like-minded partners to initiate a number of projects and initiatives in tourism business and development. Having lived and travelled around the world for quite a lot of time, I see the potential as well as gaps Kyrgyzstan has at the moment in boosting the tourism and our initiatives addressing both, maximize potential and minimize the gaps.
    We launch new tourism ideas but two things remain as principles – 100% customer satisfaction and support to local communities. Both elements are core to our values and I hope our clients share it with us. So with these ideas I created Homeland Group, that encompasses the range of services as well as individual projects, all aimed at making Kyrgyzstan known as a great place to visit and give back to our very unique and hospitable community. Welcome to our Homeland.

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    Email | chingiz@homeland.kg
    Phone | +996 556 331106
    My homeland landscape.
    Chains of Tien Shan
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  • New Travel Solutions

    Kyrgyzstan Tourism Expo

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    Kyrgyzstan Tourism Expo

    The 1st annual exhibition of tourism services is a uniting platform for companies and individual entrepreneurs in tourism sector of the Kyrgyz Republic. It gives an opportunity for participants to evaluate the demands of the tourism market, to learn and meet competitors and partners, find new tools and solutions for client acquisition and profit increase.
    Every two years, starting with 2018 in partnership with tourism enthusiasts and experts we run B2B tourism expo to support small and starting entrepreneurs to meet with new partners and clients. In 2018 KTExpo gathered more than 200 corporate visitors.
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    Participants and visitors of the KTE exhibition.
    Official opening of the KTE.
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  • International Music Festival

    Kol Fest

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  • [Souther Shore Of Issik Kul Lake]

    Taste The Power

    Kөl Fest is Central Asia’s first Global Music and Arts festival, bringing together people, music and creative arts from Central Asia and beyond. The theme of the Festival is “INTERACTION & DIVERSITY”. Together we will celebrate diversity as well as global and local Kyrgyz culture through music, performance, arts, installations and interactions.
    The festival site offers stunning views, is surrounded by numerous yurt camps and is conveniently located near the district centre, offering all essential amenities. The line-up includes shows from European and Central Asian DJs and live bands playing tunes from across the globe (from Electro to Indie to Latin American to Reggae…), yoga, dance and other workshops, family friendly activities as well as master classes by local residents.
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    A photo from Kol Fest 2019.
    Main dancefloor of the Kol Fest.
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  • Business Event Agency

    BT Service

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  • [Business Travel Service]

    Professionals in event industry

    BT Service – provides comprehensive support for foreign delegations in Kyrgyz Republic and helps in organization of a business events within or outside Bishkek. Our services encompass all aspects of business-to-business and profession-specific events organization.
    Serving the objectives of the event and meeting the needs of event’s guests and visitors is the main priority for the success of any event. Our team will help clients to concentrate on their mission, while details are taken cared of. Every event is professionally planned and implemented according to the goals, outcomes and the budget.
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    Techwoman workshop participants.
    Farewell dinner for the participants of the international conference.
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  • Travel Around Central Asia

    Sense Asia

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  • [Travel]

    Walkabout Central Asia

    Sense Asia is co-founded by Homeland Group and provides unique adventure tours for groups and individuals. Our team will serve diligently to help you feel the unique central Asian culture, which is diverse, yet undiscovered by the rest of the world.
    Variety of tours are offered in travel event concept and are prepared individually for every customer. We do not hold regular group tours but discuss interests of our clients first and offer special routes, experiences and places that will most interesting and useful to see, taste and sense.
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    Landscape of Naryn region.
    Unique nature of Kyrgyzstan.
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